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Deluxe Smudge Kit with Handmade Ceramic Tray

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Ready for a fresh start?  Cleansing your space and setting your intentions through ritual can help. Smudging or the ritual of using smoke for purification can be traced back to several cultures. Burning sage or smudging has always been considered to be apart of sacred tradition. Originally for indigenous people and Native Americans, smudging was used as a ceremonial practice to cleanse a person or space.  In more recent years the act has been popularized in mainstream culture and the many benefits of burning sage are recognized. From killing airborne bacteria to improving memory, this smudge kit will help you start things off right in 2022.

Each kit includes:

1 handmade textured ceramic smudge tray in white (tray is food safe, dishwasher safe, do not microwave) Sits nicely in the hand for an ash tray.  It can be used as a jewelry dish too.

1 smudge stick of California White Sage

1 smudge stick of Palo Santo wood

1 small natural quartz crystal to place in the heart of your home when smudging

1 small pheasant feather for wafting the smoke

1 set of Instructions and a suggested blessing